Courageous Ethics leads interactive training sessions to help your organization’s employees build the skills to navigate ethical challenges they confront in the workplace. These sessions are led with the understanding that behaving ethically requires more than knowledge about what is ethical—it also requires employees to have the skills to recognize the ethical dimensions present in everyday situations and to respond to them as quickly as they arise. With this in mind, Dr. Hayes designs these training sessions to:


  • Equip all trainees with a decision procedure based on the spirit and letter of legal requirements and organizational requirements that apply to them, your organization’s core values, and best practices in their fields
  • Provide all trainees with clear examples of what it means to act on your organization’s core values in their business unit and in the company as a whole
  • Facilitate a safe setting in which trainees can practice applying your organization’s core values to ethical challenges in an open discussion format
  • Discuss ways to confront situations in which various constraints interfere with employees’ ability to behave ethically
  • Facilitate peer-to-peer interactions, which have proven to be one of the most effective ways to embed and sustain core values
  • Ensure that all employees know where to go with questions or to get guidance to navigate an ethical challenge

Dr. Hayes builds in extensive opportunities for employees to practice these skills so they have the knowledge, experience, and confidence they need to act decisively in ways that promote your organization’s mission and core values.


Courageous Ethics leads training sessions that help leaders increase their actual and perceived effectiveness as ethical leaders of their organizations. These sessions are led with the understanding that ethical leadership requires more than ethical behavior on the part of your organization’s leaders—it also requires leaders to make their ethical decision-making processes explicit and to encourage employees to do the same. Leaders who do this consistently help foster an ethical culture in your organization by:

  • Legitimizing the role of ethics in daily decision-making
  • Reinforcing the ethical decision-making skills of their employees
  • Surfacing employees’ underlying assumptions about “how things really work” in the organization.


After providing your leaders with opportunities to practices these skills, Dr. Hayes will teach them to use this information to foster an ethical culture in your organization by:

  • Minimizing the barriers to ethical behavior in the organization
  • Empowering employees to overcome the barriers to ethical behavior that cannot be eliminated
  • Foregrounding information that empowers employees to consistently behave ethically

Armed with these skills, your leaders will be able to foster and leverage an ethical culture that will improve your organization’s reputation, functionality, and bottom line.


Courageous Ethics offers online training programs that allow your employees to enjoy the convenience of completing their ethics training when it fits into their busy schedules without sacrificing the benefits of a custom-designed program led by an active instructor.


Dr. Hayes utilizes a variety of media to present a decision-making procedure designed to help your employees navigate ethical challenges that arise in your work place. This decision procedure is based on:

  • the laws and regulations applying to your employees
  • your organization’s mission and core values
  • best practices in the fields your employees work in

Your employees will contribute to a series of guided discussions in which they practice applying the decision procedure to case studies based on ethical challenges they face at work. This allows your employees to break up a longer training course into shorter sessions in which they can review feedback on their work for the previous section before beginning the next session.

By using discussion boards to solicit responses to the case studies, Dr. Hayes facilitates interaction among trainees and creates an environment in which your employees can learn from each other in addition to learning from Dr. Hayes and the training materials she develops. This also allows your organization’s ethics training to be part of a larger culture-building effort that builds trust and good communication among members of your organization.



Courageous Ethics leads interactive training sessions to ensure that all board members employ a shared understanding of your organization’s core values and the spirit of the laws governing them when making decisions as a group. Dr. Hayes will lead the board in a discussion about the meaning of your organization’s core values and how ethics should guide decisions regarding:

  • Future strategic directions for your organization
  • Recruitment of other members of the board
  • Governance
  • Evaluation of the CEO
  • Setting a “tone at the top”