Courageous Ethics leads training sessions that help leaders increase their actual and perceived effectiveness as ethical leaders of their organizations. These sessions are led with the understanding that ethical leadership requires more than ethical behavior on the part of your organization’s leaders—it also requires leaders to make their ethical decision-making processes explicit and to encourage employees to do the same. Leaders who do this consistently help foster an ethical culture in your organization by:

  • Legitimizing the role of ethics in daily decision-making
  • Reinforcing the ethical decision-making skills of their employees
  • Surfacing employees’ underlying assumptions about “how things really work” in the organization.


After providing your leaders with opportunities to practices these skills, Dr. Hayes will teach them to use this information to foster an ethical culture in your organization by:

  • Minimizing the barriers to ethical behavior in the organization
  • Empowering employees to overcome the barriers to ethical behavior that cannot be eliminated
  • Foregrounding information that empowers employees to consistently behave ethically

Armed with these skills, your leaders will be able to foster and leverage an ethical culture that will improve your organization’s reputation, functionality, and bottom line.

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